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Don't forget to make us proud
Don't forget to socialize
Don't forget to get A's
Don't forget to blend in
Opposite sex:
Don't forget to look good
Don't forget to be perfect
*to self* Don't forget you're worth living for.

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Eric Kocher as Big K


Eric Kocher

My name is Big K, This is my only name, nor will I answer to another. Strange and ominous vibrations shaped what would now be a life of torment. As I lay bare knuckled on broken glass in the front leaning rest. An oxymoronical term having no relation to any form of repose. I tremble, washing the blood off my knuckles with my tears. I’m preparing to delve into the metaphysical world of the strange and bizarre universe of the gunslinging alpha male. A world that has no parallels, no restrictions, only imagination. Its the ego that is god here, a force more powerful than gravity! I dare you to walk with me. I ask you to at least attempt to understand the poison of our world. The disease that is in all of us. Some one once asked me if god would ever forgive us for what we have done. I simply said no.

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