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FRIDAY reports that Naka Riisa’s new boyfriend is Nakao Akiyoshi

This week’s edition of the popular weekly pictorial magazine ‘FRIDAY‘ reports that actress Naka Riisaand actor Nakao Akiyoshi are currently in a love relationship.

The two actors were spotted dining together at a Japanese-style restaurant earlier this month by said magazine. Afterwards, Nakao was seen getting into Naka’s car. Later they stopped at the actress’ apartment, where they apparently spent the whole night together.

Naka and Nakao have filmed together for the NHK drama ‘Tsurukame Josanin‘ in Okinawa for three months since August, which must have made them become quite close with each other. The actor confessed in July that he has broken up with his then-girlfriend. Naka, on the other hand, has reportedly broken up with actor Asano Tadanobu at the end of October.

(Source: tokyohive.com)

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